About Us

Welcome to Clinical Pathways

Hey there! We’re a couple of GPs who’ve mixed our love for medicine with coding to bring you Clinical Pathways. Think of us as your digital guide through the maze of medical guidelines, crafted to slide right into your daily workflow. to stay updated on our latest pathway releases.

Our Mission? Simplify and Educate

In a nutshell, we turn those hefty guidelines into concise, interactive pathways. Yet, it’s more than mere simplification—it’s about facilitating intelligent learning. We leverage the principles of the cognitive theory of multimedia learning to craft pathways that integrate seamlessly into your consultations. Simply by engaging with our content, you’re on a path to deeper understanding and retention.

Keep an eye out for our Differential Diagnosis Schemas, tailored to common GP presentations. These will be designed to refine your clinical skills, helping you on your journey to becoming a more adept diagnostician and thus reducing diagnostic errors.

Who Can Benefit?

Our pathways are designed specifically for healthcare professionals working in primary care, aiming to streamline the vast amount of medical knowledge into practical, accessible tools.

Why Us?

Here’s the scoop: we’re not just founders; we’re your peers. We code with a clinician’s hat on, ensuring each pathway not only looks good but fits perfectly into your day-to-day workflow, supporting you to make informed decisions faster and with confidence.

Here is a list of links to our older tools that we will be adding to with our improving technology:

As we continue to grow and evolve, stay tuned for new developments and resources that will further support your clinical practice. Our commitment to enhancing primary care with technology remains steadfast, driven by our firsthand understanding of the challenges you face and the difference the right tools can make.